How to do a Rodeo 540 on the Trampoline

Rodeo 5's or rodeo 540's are a very easy and showy trick. This tutorial will teach you how to do a rodeo 540 step by step along with common mistakes and what to do about them. With easy layed out steps, pictures and a video tutorial, you will be able to learn a rodeo 5 no problem!

  1. Before you even try a rodeo 5, you should be able to do both a back flip and a 540 no problem. (If you can only do a 360 you'll be ok) Once you have learned both these you may move on.
  2. Start by doing what I like to call a "spin drop." Simply jump up and do a 360, landing on your bottom. Keep doing this, slowly looking higher and higher and landing on your bottom. When you're comfortable, perform a side flip and land on your back. (Where your feet come above your head from the side) You don't have to go mostly completely upside down for this, but try to go as inverted as possible. This may be scary at first, but just keep slowly going from a 360 to your bottom to a side flip to your back getting more inverted each time. It might also help (don't go too big for this) to put your hands down on the bed of a trampoline during the side flip like a cart wheel and slowly pull your hands in until you've got it.
  3. Once you think you're ready, go for it! When you feel the trampoline pushing you upwards open your hips up to the right, look up and to the right and let your right shoulder drop as your feet come up. Your feet will go over your head in a rodeo, so use your chest and core muscles to get lots of torque on your takeoff to make sure that you make it around.
  4. One of the fun things about a rodeo is that you really don't have to change your body position all all from your takeoff to your landing. So once you become airborne keep looking up and to the right, while trying to keep your hands in front of you as best you can. If you don't have a lot of air or just don't think you'll make it around, then tuck your feet in slightly to make yourself spin faster. However, if you have plenty of air then you can stay fairly straight. With the rodeo, commit, commit, commit! If you're scared of not making it around then just tuck more and whatever you do, don't open up in midair.
  5. You will see your landing starting at about two thirds of the way through with plenty of time to adjust according and stick your landing. You will land facing backwards from the way you started and will come into your landing from a sideways position. Good Luck!

Some common problems are not flipping enough and doing a back flip 180 rather than a rodeo 540. Even though the rodeo is technically 540 degrees rotation, it really doesn't feel like that much, so focus more on flipping rather than spinning; the spin will come automatically but your have to have a good, strong takeoff to get enough flip. Another mistake (not that bad really) is doing a back flip 180 instead of a rodeo. These two tricks are extremely alike except a rodeo is not quite as inverted, so it has just a little more spin and a little less flip. To fix this, make sure that you're opening your hips and shoulders to the right on your takeoff. It also helps to look a tiny bit more to the side rather than up.

If you have any questions or concerns, leave a comment below and I will respond!


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