How to do a Double Back Flip on the Trampoline

Welcome to another trampoline Tricks 1080 tutorial. Here, you will learn how to perform a double back flip on the trampoline. With some video, pictures and easy to follow instructions, learning a double back flip will be a breeze.

  1. Before you even think of trying a double back, you should be pro at straight back flips. In other words, you should be able to do them relaxed with lots of air comfortably on any trampoline. It also helps a lot to try as many consecutive back flips as you can.
  2. Once you9;ve mastered back flips, do a back flip again but with a little more flip, causing yourself to over-flip and land on your but. Practice that a few times, but then when you land on your bottom, flip back over and land on your feet. Repeat that over and over again: back flip to bottom, then bottom to feet with no interval jump in between. Once you've got this down, you're ready!
  3. Double back flips are probably the "scariest" trick to do on a trampoline, so you might want to start with a foam pit, jump into a pool or have someone through a pad under you during your first attempt. Try not to think too hard about it, or you will become nervous and not try it at all. Just remember to have confidence in your flip, trust your body that you'll make it around and most importantly, commit 100% and don't open up in midair.
  4. For your first attempt, be sure to get a very high bounce and begin the flip near the edge so that you have lots of room behind you. On your takeoff, push up hard with your legs and throw both your arms up above your head and backwards. Just remember that the takeoff is the most important part, so if you start flipping/tucking too early in your double back flip, you won't get any air, won't make it around and will fly backwards tremendously. Don't start your tuck until you leave the bed of the trampoline and are confident in a good takeoff. From there, perform a "tuck," or bring your knees into your chest; also, after your arms have been thrust up and back on takeoff, bring them back into your body by grabbing your shins and tucking your body into a ball. Hold this tuck for as long as necessary to make it around, but DO NOT open up in midair as it can be very dangerous!
  5. Once you see your landing, lift your arms up and straighten up your body to slow down your flip and make your landing easier. If you are having trouble landing them, try to go bigger and slow down the flip a little bit to make your landing easier. If you are over-flipping (not very common) you need to not tuck so much to slow down your flip. If you aren't making it around (very common) be sure that you get a huge bounce and aren't starting your flip too early. A good way to gauge whether you're too early or not is how far backwards you travel; if you find yourself traveling far back every time, then you are definitely flipping too early and not getting the full benefit of your big bounce. If your still can't make it around, try to flip as fast as you can (in the air, not on takeoff) and don't open up your body looking for your landing too early. Good luck and be careful.

If you have any questions or concerns, leave a comment below and I will respond!


  1. Noodle2012 says:

    Hello!! Amazing vid!! Btw i was wondering if you have published and basic trampolining tricks?? 
    You've been really helpful thanks!

  2. Justin says:

    Good tutorial. I have been doing these for a couple months now and I would suggest a few things… First of all I would try a double front before a double back. I know it sounds crazy but if you under rotate on a double front you land on your back not your face. Secondly, one thing I've learned is that in a double back you need to set high, then kick your knees to your hands and not you hands to your knees or you most likely won't make it. Hope I helped!

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