How to do a 720 on a Trampoline

A seven twenty or 720 is a cool trampoline tricks and a foundation for other tricks. A 720 is two full spins, staying completely upright and landing on your feet. (Hopefully!) Although it may seem easy, I guarantee you it is not! This article will walk you through the process of doing a 720 along with common mistakes and how to fix them.

  1. Before you try a 720, make sure that you can do easier tricks, such as a 360 and 540. As you may already know, the number of the tricks indicates the degrees in rotation; for instance a 360 is one turn, a 540 is one and half turns and so on.
  2. Start by getting a medium to big bounce (not uncomfortably high!) then when you want to do the 720, stand up tall on your takeoff, pushing your hands up and in front of you. A 720 is a big trick, so really put your core strength into your spin. However, you have to be patient on your takeoff and only start your spin when you feel the trampoline pushing you up. Once you become airborne, keep your hands in front of you and up and keep your eyes on the horizon. Keep your body open until about 90 degrees (a quarter turn) and then you can pull your hands to your chest to speed up your spin. It is your eyes and your hands that really control your spin, so if you need to spin faster pull your arms in tight and look over your shoulder.Seven Twenty In Midair
  3. Once you reach 540 degrees, you will see your landing; from there, drop your arms and stop looking over your shoulder to stop yourself from over spinning. That's it! This trick is actually harder than a cork 7 and a misty 7, so keep practicing!

Common Problems: The two most common problems with 720's are under spinning and spinning off axis. Just like all spins, the takeoff is the most important part. To stay on axis get a strong takeoff but focus on staying forwards! Way's to stay more forwards and hence, on axis, are to keep your hands really forward, keep your body straight and don't let your eyes drop from the horizon. As far as under spinning goes, just go bigger, be stronger on your takeoff (use leg muscles and core muscles) and tuck more. Have fun!

If you have any questions or concerns, leave a comment below and I will respond!