How to do a Rodeo 540 on the Trampoline

Rodeo 5's or rodeo 540's are a very easy and showy trick. This tutorial will teach you how to do a rodeo 540 step by step along with common mistakes and what to do about them. With easy layed out steps, pictures and a video tutorial, you will be able to learn a rodeo 5 no problem!

  1. Before you even try a rodeo 5, you should be able to do both a back flip and a 540 no problem. (If you can only do a 360 you'll be ok) Once you have learned both these you may move on.
  2. Start by doing what I like to call a "spin drop." Simply jump up and do a 360, landing on your bottom. Keep doing this, slowly looking higher and higher and landing on your bottom. When you're comfortable, perform a side flip and land on your back. (Where your feet come above your head from the side) You don't have to go mostly completely upside down for this, but try to go as inverted as possible. This may be scary at first, but just keep slowly going from a 360 to your bottom to a side flip to your back getting more inverted each time. It might also help (don't go too big for this) to put your hands down on the bed of a trampoline during the side flip like a cart wheel and slowly pull your hands in until you've got it.
  3. Once you think you're ready, go for it! When you feel the trampoline pushing you upwards open your hips up to the right, look up and to the right and let your right shoulder drop as your feet come up. Your feet will go over your head in a rodeo, so use your chest and core muscles to get lots of torque on your takeoff to make sure that you make it around.
  4. One of the fun things about a rodeo is that you really don't have to change your body position all all from your takeoff to your landing. So once you become airborne keep looking up and to the right, while trying to keep your hands in front of you as best you can. If you don't have a lot of air or just don't think you'll make it around, then tuck your feet in slightly to make yourself spin faster. However, if you have plenty of air then you can stay fairly straight. With the rodeo, commit, commit, commit! If you're scared of not making it around then just tuck more and whatever you do, don't open up in midair.
  5. You will see your landing starting at about two thirds of the way through with plenty of time to adjust according and stick your landing. You will land facing backwards from the way you started and will come into your landing from a sideways position. Good Luck!

Some common problems are not flipping enough and doing a back flip 180 rather than a rodeo 540. Even though the rodeo is technically 540 degrees rotation, it really doesn't feel like that much, so focus more on flipping rather than spinning; the spin will come automatically but your have to have a good, strong takeoff to get enough flip. Another mistake (not that bad really) is doing a back flip 180 instead of a rodeo. These two tricks are extremely alike except a rodeo is not quite as inverted, so it has just a little more spin and a little less flip. To fix this, make sure that you're opening your hips and shoulders to the right on your takeoff. It also helps to look a tiny bit more to the side rather than up.

If you have any questions or concerns, leave a comment below and I will respond!

How to do a Misty 720 on the Trampoline

Misty 720's or just misty 7's are similar to a cork 7 and are my favorite tricks on the trampoline. This article will walk you through all of the steps to mastering this simple and extremely cool trick on the trampoline. Good luck!

  1. Before even attempting a misty 7, you should be able to do both a front flip and a straight 720 no problem on the trampoline. Once you are comfortable with these, you can move on.
  2. Begin by doing what one might call a "front drop" which is the exact opposite of a back drop and land on your chest. Then do that with a 180 degree rotation so that you land on your back. That is the basis of a misty, so make sure that you've got this in the bag before you move on.
  3. Go for it! In a misty 720 you will need a medium to large bounce. When your ready, throw your right arm down and to the left while also twisting your hips and shoulders left into a spin. Your shoulder should come under your body on the takeoff. Remember to not do all this too early as a strong and tall takeoff is always necessary.
  4. Once you leave the bed of the trampoline, start to tuck up and keep looking forwards and to the left. Since misty 7's are scary at first you have to commit otherwise you might hurt yourself. To keep your commitment, just stay tucked up, keep looking around and be confident. If you do those three things, this will be easy!
  5. As long as you have a strong takeoff and "commit," you should see your landing come from beneath you and to the left. (This should be where you are looking anyway) Just let your feet come out from under you, pick up your head and push your arms forward to land. Once you get the hang of it, you will be doing misty 7's without even thinking about it. Good luck!

Some common problems are not being able to make it around and not being inverted enough. Make sure that on your takeoff you really throw your arm forward and to the left, allowing your right shoulder to dip beneath your body. If you can't make it around, just go bigger and "throw" your body more on your takeoff.

If you have any questions or concerns, leave a comment below and I will respond!

How to do a Misty 540 with a One Handed Pike Grab

This tutorial will teach you how to perform a Misty 540, or Misty 5 on the trampoline with a one handed pike grab. This trick is an off axis one and a half turn with a grab. This is both an easy trick to do and extremely cool looking.

  1. Before trying a misty 5, you will need to be able to do a front flip and a straight 540 degree rotation no problem.
  2. Get a small to medium bounce and throw your right arm forwards, down and towards your left toe. Do this lightly and you should land on your bottom with you right hand still reaching towards your right toe. Keep doing this until you get comfortable.
  3. This step is pretty much the same as the one above, except that you will get a bit more air and instead of landing on your bottom, land on your back. Keep throwing your right arm down and to the left, but also put a little more force into the trick and let your right shoulder dip down more.
  4. Once you think you're ready, (don't rush to this step) get a fairly large bounce and on the jump before you try the misty 540 grab, put only your right arm straight up into the air. Then when you start to feel the trampoline pushing you up on the next bounce, throw your arm in front of you and down towards your left toe. Let your shoulder drop in front of your body and tilt your upper body and your head forwards, while still looking over your left shoulder. Don't do the grab too early in the misty 5, but when you're airborne and think you're ready, bring your feet up as high as you can while also trying to keep them as straight and close together as possible. Once you have this position, you can then grab your left foot or ankle with your right hand.
  5. Hold your grab as long as you feel comfortable, then pick up your head and your hands with you feet shoulder width apart and stick the landing. Good luck!

The most common problem with this trick is not making it around to your feet. To cure this you can either jump higher, use more frontward strength on your takeoff or focus more on the trick rather than the grab until you can work the grab back into your trick. Remember that this trick is two thirds trick and one third grab, so if you don't have a solid misty 5 mastered, then your grab will look just as bad.

If you have any questions or concerns, leave a comment below and I will respond!

How to do a Corkscrew 720

Corkscrew 720's or, "cork 7's" are one of the coolest looking tricks on the trampoline, hands down. This article will show you how to perform one with an easy to understand, step by step pace to have you landing cork 7's in no time!

  1. Since a cork 7 is one of the more difficult tricks on the trampoline, make sure that you already know how to do both a backflip and a straight 720 first. These two tricks are the foundation of the cork 7 and you will have a very difficult time trying the cork 7 without them. Once you've completed these two tricks, you can go onto the next step.
  2. Get warmed up by performing a few backflips and 720's, then perform a "180 degree" back drop. (A back drop is just where you jump onto your back) To do this, get a small bounce and on your takeoff look back and to the left, (or right if you spin goofy) landing on your back facing the same way you started. If you are having trouble, try tucking your chin slightly into your left shoulder and opening up your arms; when you land you should be looking up at the sky. Just think of it as a combination of a back drop and a slightly inverted 180.
  3. Now you're ready to attempt a cork 7. Don't be intimidated as cork 7's are actually quite easy once you get the hang of them. Once you've got a medium to large bounce, on your takeoff you'll want to stand up as tall as you can, looking behind your back and down at your right heel (if you spin counter clockwise). Make sure that you get plenty of spin by really tweaking your upper body the way you spin, along with throwing your right arm down and to your left. The takeoff is the most important part in a cork 7, so make sure that you stand up on your takeoff and use your core strength to create your spin.
  4. Once you leave the bed of the trampoline, (don't do this step too early) you will want to tuck your body into a ball; sometimes it help to bring your knees to your chest by putting your right arm over your shins. This is the part of the trick where you get most of your spin, so look over your shoulder and get as much spin as you can. Your feet will come up towards your head about one half way through tricks, then go back down; when you feel them coming down look for your landing and put your hands out. This is one of the only tricks where it's ay to look for you landing early in the maneuver.
  5. Keep in your tuck until you can see the tramp bed and feel that you've gotten all the way around. Then open your body and stick your landing. It may seem scary and difficult at first, but you'll soon find out that cork 7's are really easy!

Some common problems are not making it all the way around and going too off axis; both of these depend on your takeoff. Make sure that most of your energy goes into your spin, not your amount of "off axisness." In other words, you can control how off axis you spin is by where you look. The more you look down with your spin the more aff axis it will be and the more you look to the side the more on axis it will be. The cool things about cork 7's is that you can do many different amounts of inversion and still land it cleanly. So once you get some practice in, you will most likely find that cork 7's are easier, cooler looking and more fun than straight 720's!

If you have any questions or concerns, leave a comment below and I will respond!