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Welcome to trampoline Tricks, the online community teaching you how to do trampoline tricks.

This is a website that was created to teach people how to perform cool trampoline tricks. We have instructional articles teaching you how to do easy trampoline tricks, difficult tricks along with a videos section.

We are a Trampoline Community. We hope you take the time to register at our site and participate in the community to help others and learn a few things yourself. Need help with your tricks? No problem, visit our forum. Please contribute to Trampoline Tricks by helping others in our forum and being an active member in the community by commenting, suggesting tips, etc.! If you would like to request a tutorial for a new trick or suggest an idea for the site, please do that here. For a quicker reply, you may also contact us directly.

Trampoline Tricks is not responsible for any injuries that might occur on the trampoline from our trampoline videos, tutorials or recommendations, so please be careful and responsible. Don't try any tricks that you don't feel comfortable performing and always be supervised with someone and have a spotter if possible. We're no liable for anything that might happen to you while using our website, so just be smart and safety conscious.

Thanks for visiting Trampoline Tricks and good luck tramping!

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